Dots Connect To White House Malfeasance

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says love will cure the jihadist’s and we will all be safer in her rose-colored glasses she apparently sees the world through.  Photo credit:

In Disconnecting the Dots, Patrick Dunleavy says that by removing the descriptive words of our enemy, “Islamic terrorists”, we blur the lines that connect the dots to clearly identify who the enemy is and to better fight them that way.

He writes,

When the current administration removes the words “radical Islamic terrorism” from the equation, it is more than a semantic faux pas. It is an intentional erasure of one of the dots necessary to see clearly the threat facing the United States. It identifies who has declared war on us.

He points out that in the fifteen years since 9/11, the supplemental report by the 9/11 Commission reported that Islamist terrorism has gotten even stronger.  That should spell danger to the White House’s Administration.

Yet recently, the Attorney General’s office reportedly seems to think that with a little love toward these jihadist’s, we will all be safer:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, according to David Rutz, of The Washington Free Beacon (June 21, 2016).  [Source.]

Who needs a White House and Attorney General who are supposed to help keep the public safe would throw the enemy a bone and tell them, essentially; “We will love you until you change your ways against us”.  

Can you imagine a battered woman telling her batterer husband that she will keep loving him no matter if he kills her?  Is this White House saying he doesn’t mind if United States citizens get wiped out by these murderous warriors against the United States and the whole of western civilization, let alone the rest of the world?


Muslim Islam Yada yada wuzza wuzza: LOL!

Did you see the video of the Imam telling his audience that non-muslims are filthy and not worth anything, during their jihad?

The subtitles are hilarious interspersed with the vile meanderings of the non-Profit, no, not that kind of nonprofit, as in 501 (c) 3, the business model.

It is the ramblings of a non-Islamic Prophet that we don’t want to hear anyway.

I think the subtitles in parenthesis are the most truthful part of his video.

Come with me on a journey to hell by listening to this and believing every word.  

This is a man from hell who is into killing and murder of innocent persons, and he has a PhD in this s#it!


Islamism is Terrorism. Islam is Faith.

A video inspired me to write this blog post because it is refreshing to see that there are Muslim-informed organizations out there working to destigmatize Muslims as being part of the radical Muslim extremists we all hear about.  

Maajid Nawaz is an author and Founding Chairman of Quilliam who explained his views on the differences of Islam.  He explains,

“Islam is a faith. Islamism is an extremist political ideology”.

The Quilliam Foundation, located in London,

“is the world’s first counter-extremism think tank set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world. Quilliam stands for religious freedom, equality, human rights and democracy”.

It makes the important statement that,

“Challenging extremism is the duty of all responsible members of society”.

It seems as though this foundation has taken it upon itself to be one of the peaceful Muslim organizations that stands against Muslim terrorism.

It seems that we in the West have long called for that, and many have complained publicly that American Muslims are not doing enough to stand against Islamist terrorism.

According to the organization’s video, “Countering Extremism Together“, the organization was named after one of Britain’s first converts to Islam.

The video is short, just over five minutes, that features Nawaz speaking out against Islamist extremism, or “Islamism”.