The Day I Saw Torture On Facebook

The other day I saw a photo on Facebook that astounded me.    facebook-logo It was not enough to see blood; it was the photo of a man holding something slung over his back.  I looked closer and saw it was a pair of hands tied together with twine or a piece of rope with the hands cut off at the wrists.  

He was looking into the camera with a small smile; as if he was saying, “look what I got – it’s the catch of my day” as if it could be a fish he caught, or antlers of a deer that he shot in shooting game.

It clearly did not seem to bother him.  It was more or less a trophy he was parading down the street with, as if he were a big shot that he finally killed someone off and cut the hands off of the person.  What is in the society of these types of people who would do such a thing?  What is their religion saying that they find cutting someone’s hands off a kind of reward or trophy?  This is not a reward thing, it is more a torture trial of people who do wrong and get their hands cut off.

Who decides these things?  Who then takes the action to decapitate someone’s body parts?

I think this is Satan telling these people they have the right to do this to someone’s body.  It is indecent and barbaric.  These are not the kind of people we want in the United States.  Keep them out, God – please!