Hillary’s Hospital Care Located In Her Daughter’s House: Former Home Of Metrocare Home Services. Keep’n It Secret or Pure Coincidence?

Is Chelsea Clinton’s home a random choice, or was the previous company and former CEO ties the reason she wanted that location?
Why do they use a double for Hillary? Who is she?



Photo credit: Streeteasy.com 

I wondered why Hillary Clinton needed a secret hospital room set up in her daughter’s apartment?

I read on Facebook from a Truthfeed article that Chelsea Clinton’s apartment in Manhattan was the same address as Metrocare Home Services, which is a senior care facility located at Chelsea’s address.


Photo credit: Metrocare Home Services webpage

Her apartment is located in The Whitman building and takes up one square block “from 26th Street to 27th Street off Madison Avenue” according to a dailymail.co.uk article.  An article by townandcountrymag.com reports that she lives on the 4th floor of the Whitman building.

The Whitman building’s address is: 21 East 26th Street, New York, NY and Metrocare Home Services address is, according to this report: 21 East 26th St., 4th floor, New York, NY.  

Another article claims the same thing, that both Chelsea’s and Metrocare share the same address.

Is The Hospital Care Facility Still At Chelsea Clinton’s Address?

A post at FreeRepublic reports that Metrocare is no longer operating at Chelsea’s address, although it is actively in operation under the name of Tri-Borough Home Care, LLC.  The FreeRepublic post reports that,

Metrocare Home Services, formerly called Family Aides Home Care has a current address of: 120 WEST JOHN STREET HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK, 11801-1016.

Although the fact that Metrocare Home Services no longer does business at Chelsea Clinton’s address, this does not negate the possibility of her buying medical equipment and beds from Metrocare, or buying their own new from another source.  The FreeRepublic post says that Metrocare has a dubious past where the former CEO stole medicaid money.

William C. Schnell was convicted of stealing Medicaid dollars following a multi-year investigation and audit. Schnell pleaded guilty to grand larceny in the third degree on April 19, 2007.

Doesn’t it seem like Schnell was the type of person the Clinton’s would know?  Maybe when Bill Clinton had Hillary oversee the healthcare bill that she did so lousy at they took ideas from people like Schnell, who had experience in stealing money from taxpayers and the healthcare system!

They may even know the CEO of Metrocare who may have provided information on doctors and other things Hillary might need or want to keep underground, to keep her medical condition secret.  It certainly would seem a covert thing to do in my opinion, by not reporting to the public what medical treatment she receives at any given time.

It reminds me of those mob family movies where they have their own doctors on the payroll who treat their mob family members and obtain medications or other items hush-hush.

A few pieces of information from the FreeRepublic post sheds more light on this weird story, 

Metrocare Home Services, which has apparently entered into a management agreement with Tri-Borough Home Care, LLC. … The company is registered by the State of New York as an active business … One of Tri-Borough’s specialties is caring for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease…

It seems that Hillary and her daughter spent so much money to set up a home care facility to keep Hillary’s state of her health secret from probing eyes who may know the truth about her sicknesses: pneumonia, neurological disorders, her coughing fits (which she calls “allergies”), hypothyroidism, and “dehydration”?   

Hillary’s Double

Why did a lookalike of Hillary, her “double”, or doppelganger who is too thin for anybody to believe it’s Hillary, get sent out to walk the sidewalk just 90 minutes after Hillary left the 9/11 ceremony after “fainting”?


Photo credit: Daily Mail

The person has been identified as Teresa Barnwell who quit her job to become a full-time impersonator of Hillary Clinton for over 20 years now.  According to a dailymail.co.uk article, Barnwell is from Palm Desert, California, and met Hillary Clinton at a book signing.  

Teresa Barnwell is like an Elvis impersonator who gets booked to impersonate Hillary Clinton, but she has not met Clinton since the original book-signing 23 years ago.  Her bookings have increased since Bill Clinton was President.  I guess anyone can start an acting career at any age these days.

Hillary’s Secret Health Crisis  

Also seen in media reports are Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson-looking hands where her fingers cross over each other which she tries to hide by putting her hand on her chest, moving her hands around when she talks or other techniques to try and cover up the fact that she is not well nor reacting normally to stimulii.

Remember the big eyes, mouth wide open when she saw balloons drop?  And the strange, seizure like rolling her head around when several reporters asked her questions all at one time?  These reactions may have been the side-effects of medications she may have taken for years for Parkinson’s disease.