No Dogs In Sharia State

12832348_123539241373706_8437995046895319294_nToday a writer at My Fresh News described a door hanging left on their door to tell them that walking a dog out in public “disrespects” Muslim’s under Sharia law.  

This took place in Manchester, the UK, and the leaflets were created by a group called Public Purity.  They can be found on Facebook.  See for yourself.

Apparently dogs are impure, so have no place in society.  This makes many dog-loving Brits unhappy, I am sure and I’m not happy with the prospect of this following the refugees over here to the U.S. and what they might want to change in our country.

Have they not demanded enough?  Sharia has no place in the world due to its focus on harming, destroying and killing anyone who believes differently from them essentially.  

And it’s not nice to their women who are treated as chattel, having no rights and are even beaten by their husbands as part of Sharia law.