Dots Connect To White House Malfeasance

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says love will cure the jihadist’s and we will all be safer in her rose-colored glasses she apparently sees the world through.  Photo credit:

In Disconnecting the Dots, Patrick Dunleavy says that by removing the descriptive words of our enemy, “Islamic terrorists”, we blur the lines that connect the dots to clearly identify who the enemy is and to better fight them that way.

He writes,

When the current administration removes the words “radical Islamic terrorism” from the equation, it is more than a semantic faux pas. It is an intentional erasure of one of the dots necessary to see clearly the threat facing the United States. It identifies who has declared war on us.

He points out that in the fifteen years since 9/11, the supplemental report by the 9/11 Commission reported that Islamist terrorism has gotten even stronger.  That should spell danger to the White House’s Administration.

Yet recently, the Attorney General’s office reportedly seems to think that with a little love toward these jihadist’s, we will all be safer:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, according to David Rutz, of The Washington Free Beacon (June 21, 2016).  [Source.]

Who needs a White House and Attorney General who are supposed to help keep the public safe would throw the enemy a bone and tell them, essentially; “We will love you until you change your ways against us”.  

Can you imagine a battered woman telling her batterer husband that she will keep loving him no matter if he kills her?  Is this White House saying he doesn’t mind if United States citizens get wiped out by these murderous warriors against the United States and the whole of western civilization, let alone the rest of the world?