My Life in the Northern California Bay Area

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. — 2 Corinthians 4:18


This blog seems likely in the face of my many attempts to write a book, among accomplishing other things in life.

I am on the young side of the baby-boomer generation, the best generation there is and one of the greatest in the country!  We never stopped working, we became educated, we worked hard, opened businesses, raised families and invented plenty of stuff.  And we voted, at least I did, but in smaller races, like city council where I was a hard worker on a socialism campaign, many years ago in the dark ages where people were dirt poor from other countries building homes in America.

One year I lived in a not-so-wealthy area, but in Marin County, California, and if you know California at all you are already familiar with the County of Marin.  It is a very wealthy county with old money, connections to vine yards and San Francisco, “The City by the Bay”.  All very elegant only I’m not sure on the facts.  I know they are rich but I don’t know for sure that they are all tied to the vineyards in California, nor if they have “old money”, like the Queen of England has.  

I’m just guessing at this because I look back into a kind of dream land, one that I miss dearly now thaginkgot I am stuck here in Washington state where it’s cold, which is not as beautiful as I remember California is.  And they have no Eucalyptus trees, nor Ginkgo trees!  I didn’t know how healthy they were: Ginkgo trees, until I started to study herbs and supplements for my health but I know they don’t have any because I never saw any here in Washington state!  If you see any, tell me, because I miss them, I love them!

I grew up with them in Rohnert Park, California, where my dad helped plant all the ginkgo trees along the city streets back in the day.  I remember he had a shovel and dug through the earth along the side of the street, where each house got one out in front by the curb.  They looked nice, and it was a nice little city before we moved there from San Francisco.  My sister was born there, and I was born before her in Los Angeles, but my other older two sisters were born wherever they were born because I never knew where they were born!

It doesn’t matter now that each one of us has grown up to not necessarily stay in touch.  I’m not a part of them any longer, and I’m just as happy about that.  They are still non-believers, and I am a Christian in a non-believing family where we were raised to be liberal Democrats and atheists.  I feel I must share my story as part of God’s purpose: to share my faith and learn about the muslim faith, writing about their belief, and how it damages Christians.  This ought to be a hell of a blog.